Bollywood dance is considered as one of the hottest dance forms which are mostly used in the Indian movies. It is a mixture of various dance styles. These styles include Kathak, Indian folk, belly-dancing, modern, western popular, jazz and also western erotic dancing. “Bollywood” refers to the Hindi culture, art and film industry from Mumbai. Overall, we can say that Bollywood dancing is the commercial name for a modern Indian dance. We do provide Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai which is joined by many students and you can also be the part of the same if you are interested. The unique style of dance has its roots in classical and folk dance with the occasional Arabic influence and latino.

Bollywood is the name given to the film industry in India which is known as the largest in the world. It can range from slow dancing to a more upbeat hip-hop style dance. At our Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai, we teach students that dancing itself is a fusion of all dance forms. It can be Indian classical, belly dancing, Indian folk dance, jazz, hip-hop and else which you can imagine. Our Jojo dance academy consists of highly skilled professionals who help the students in making their passion as their career. The professional at our Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai takes the whole responsibility of the students and also able to find their hidden talent.

According to the survey, at the present scenario, the youngsters or people of a new generation are very fond of dancing. So, people who are passing their life with a dream of becoming a successful dancer in future can join our Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai and we can give you a commitment that we will surely provide you a strong platform where you can show your passion openly. Once you join our Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai you can become the winner of different shows as we will provide you lots of opportunities where you can turn your dream into realities. Our team of professionals holds the diploma and certificate in the various fields. Along with this, we also do provide personal coaching to all those who feel themselves in the requirement of the same. In addition to this, many people also contact us to hire a studio for the same purpose.


Hip-hop dance refers to the street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have emerged as the part of hip-hop culture. It involves a wide range of styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that derive as part of the hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles like locking, breaking and popping which were created in the 1970s and made famous by dance crews in the united states. Here, at our Hip Hop Dance Class in Mumbai, our professionals and experts teach all the dance steps and moves to the students who are interested in this particular dance form. At the Jojo Dance Academy, we have a team of professionals who hold the certificates as well as diplomas in their respective fields which help them to train the students precisely.

From the day of our inception, we are striving our best to the students and by providing Hip Hop Dance Class in Mumbai we also specialize in various dancing domains such as Bollywood, contemporary, freestyle and salsa. Dance can be defined as a natural art where human body generated the different moves while performing the activity. At our Hip Hop Dance Class in Mumbai, we give the opportunity to the students to perform openly. In addition, we also prepare them so that they can face upcoming challenges of their life easier. In the present time, the youngsters are very affectionate towards dance and there are many people who are living with a dream of becoming a successful dancer in future.

For these kinds of people, ourĀ Hip Hop Dance Class in MumbaiĀ provides a wonderful opportunity where our professional found their hidden talent and also polish it. We also commit to providing them a strong platform where they can show their talent openly and may also get the path to building their career in their desired field. At our Hip Hop Dance Class in Mumbai, we also do provide certificates to the students after completion of the course. Along with our Hip Hop Dance Class in Mumbai, we also provide the classes for aerobics where the individual can easily maintain their body shape and weight. We usually render classes of two hours which are available throughout the day. Our professional also do give personal coaching to the students whosever in the requirement of the same


About the instructors- PARMOD and SANJEEV are both accomplished dancers, choreographers and teachers with a teaching career spanning over 12 years.
They founded The Engine Room in 2012 – A performing arts company where they help people become more aware of their bodies and help them connect to their true and best selves through movement.